Disability Determination

Disability Determination

KANS conducts comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to make recommendations regarding disability determination, return-to-work readiness, and military deployability/return-to-active-duty status. This testing aids in creating a comprehensive picture of an individual’s cognitive, psychological, mental, and emotional functioning. Information gleaned from the evaluation helps decision makers in understanding whether an individual’s functioning is adequate for employability/deployability.

In addition to the neuropsychological evaluation, a comprehensive clinical interview will also be conducted. During this interview, information will be gathered about the patient’s psychological, psychosocial, educational, and medical history. This interview is also used to gather information about presenting concerns, past and/or current treatment, and other factors that may be contributing to difficulties the patient is experiencing.

For disability and military cases, information regarding the patient’s past hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and work or military history will be gathered, as well as information about how the disability is affecting the patient’s ability to function and carry out required tasks.

Neuropsychological assessment for disability/work determination consists of the following:

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Attention & Concentration
  • Processing Speed
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Verbal and Visual Reasoning
  • Verbal and Visual Memory
  • Motor and Sensory Functioning
  • Review of previous medical or legal records
  • Psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and mood dysregulation which can also affect mental functioning
  • Testing of personality structure to assess attitudes, emotions, thoughts/beliefs, and behavioral characteristics that may contribute to psychosocial difficulties
  • Self-ratings and informant-ratings of the patient’s competency for daily living and practical skills in various settings
  • Assessment of adaptive functioning, such as a person’s ability to carry out daily living tasks and activities
  • Current mental status and cognitive state