Autism Testing

Autism Testing - Litchfield Park AZ - Kemper & Associates Neuropsychological Services

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects an individual’s social and communication abilities. The earliest signs manifest before 3 years of age and therapeutic intervention tailored to each child’s unique needs has been found to be the most successful course of treatment to improve social interactions, communication skills, and behavioral concerns related to autism. Early detection is needed for ensuring that a child with autism receives the kind of special attentive care they need.

Autism Assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a medical condition that requires medical intervention if a child is to improve. Evaluation for ASD is typically a covered benefit through most insurance plans.

Autism assessment is offered for ages 6 to 12 at KANS and includes the following:

  • Extensive clinical interview with the child and their parent or guardian
  • Testing using the Autism Diagnostic and Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition (ADOS-2)
  • Testing of adaptive skills and behaviors
  • Behavioral questionnaires completed by care givers and teachers regarding behaviors observed across a variety of settings

KANS evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder meet criteria needed for consideration for special services through insurance companies (Applied Behavioral Analysis services), special school services, and services/funding available through Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Testing for autism is offered for ages 6 to 12. Testing for autism for adolescents and adults may be provided for persons who have a documented history of autism, either through a school IEP or through a prior evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist, and who need an updated evaluation to continue ABA services or other types of treatment appropriate for autism.